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Associate in Applied Climate Smart Agro-Processing (CCCJ)

Programme Design for Associate `of Applied Science in Agro-processing at Degree to be offered at Moneague College September 2021. The CCCJ’s A.A.Sc. Degree in Agro Processing and Business Management, 7 September 2018 Version 1.0 is being used as a blueprint for programme design. • 12 Agro-processing courses to be used as part of the core in the new programme. However where applicable they will be re-worded to include Competency Based Education and Training Methods. The use of CBET techniques in program design, assessment and delivery is one of the SAGE institutional partnership outputs. • Three climate smart and applied research courses to be developed; applied research projects and inclusion of greening themes are also partnership requirements. • Gen Ed courses and electives will remain as is, however lecturers delivering progamme will be required to integrate agro-processing areas in teaching, learning and assessment. • Work Integrated Learning will use current college procedures with the opportunity for both local and overseas programme related placement

Associate in Business Studies (CCCJ)

Associate in Computer Servicing & Electronics (CCCJ)

Associate in COS Business Process Outsourcing (LOCAL)

Associate in COS Restaurant Operation (LOCAL)

Associate in Criminal Justice (CCCJ)

Associate in Environmental Studies (CCCJ)

Associate in Hospitality & Tourism (CCCJ)

Associate in Management Information Systems (CCCJ)

Associate in Psychology (CCCJ)

Associate in Social Work (CCCJ)

B.Ed. in Advanced Early Childhood (JBTE)

B.Ed. in Advanced Primary (JBTE)

B.Ed. in Advanced Secondary Business (JBTE)

B.Ed. in Early Childhood Education (JBTE)

B.Ed. in Primary Education (JBTE)

B.Ed. in Secondary Education (JBTE)

Bsc in Bsc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LOCAL)

Bsc in Business Studies (CCCJ)

Bsc in Computer Science (UTECH) (UTECH)

Bsc in Criminal Justice (CCCJ)

Bsc in Environmental Studies (CCCJ)

Bsc in Hospitality & Tourism Management (CCCJ)

Bsc in Social Work (LOCAL)

Offered in association with the Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS)

Certificate in Continuing Education (LOCAL)

Certificate in General Pathway III-Basic Food and Beverage Services (LOCAL)

Certificate in Pre-University Arts (LOCAL)

Certificate in Pre-University Science (LOCAL)

Certificate in Sixth Form Technical Pathway - Customer Engagement Operations (LOCAL)

Certificate in Sixth Form Technical Pathway - Early Childhood Development (LOCAL)

Certificate in Sixth Form Technical Pathway-Hospitality Services (Villas and Others) (LOCAL)